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How to find cheap flights on your expat journeys

By July 25, 2017October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

How to find cheap flights on your expat journeys

July 25, 2017


Flying is often the normal way of life for expats – but it’s a huge bonus if you can save on the costs as they do add up very quickly. Here are some tips about how to find the next cheap flight to your destination.

7 tips to help you book the cheapest flights possible

1. Define your destination goal

If you have a destination in mind – perhaps for a holiday or where you would like to move to, write it down. Travelling to it might not be in your immediate budget, but writing it down will help make it concrete. Then look at ballpark prices on what it will cost to get yourself and your family, if you have one, to this destination.

2. Go incognito

Always search for your flights in incognito or private browsing mode to view the lowest prices. This is because flight prices do increase when you are repeatedly searching the same route due to the cookies in your browser. Your cookies are re-set each time you re-open your incognito window, so you start with a clean slate each time.

3. Discover the cheapest day to fly

There are many theories about what’s the cheapest day to fly. Tuesday is often identified as a good day and generally, it is cheaper if you leave on a weekday – although this rule doesn’t always apply. Do your research and gain a broad view of prices for the whole month and then identify what days tend to be cheaper for your specific route.

4. Consider adding in another destination

If you are travelling on a long-haul flight that involves a transfer, consider booking the two legs separately and adding in another destination to your trip. This often works out cheaper, if there are budget airlines unique to the country you’re leaving from and the one you are travelling to. So for example, if you are travelling from Australia to Canada, consider stopping over in Hawaii on your way – you’ll be surprised to discover this can work out a lot cheaper in the end.

5. Check if it’s cheaper to pay in a different currency

If you have access to multiple currencies, you may be able to pay for the flight in another currency, which gives you a cheaper rate. Often budget airlines insist you pay in the currency you’re leaving from – but there are exceptions, so look out for them.

6. Fly off peak

Many countries have off seasons – which often correlate with winter. For example, flying to Greece during the summer costs a lot more than a winter flight for obvious reasons. If you are not booking a holiday flight, try and avoid peak seasons and if you have children, avoid travelling during the school holidays when flight prices tend to increase.

7. Don’t wait to book

Flights tend not to get cheaper as your date of departure approaches. If you need to fly on a certain date, it would be wiser and generally cheaper if you book far in advance.

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