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Does becoming an expat change you for the better?

By November 29, 2016October 3rd,

Does becoming an expat change you for the better?

November 29, 2016

Many people who become expats are mature adults with families who are moving countries to further their careers. At this stage in life, you probably think you are the person you’ll be for the rest of your life. But becoming an expat broadens your horizons and encourages you to grow in many ways.

How becoming an expat is a good move for your development

You become more flexible


It’s impossible to move to a new country and not be influenced by their culture and their way of life. If you are a busy New Yorker moving to Spain, you will be forced to slow down and adopt a gentler pace of life. If you don’t adopt the lifestyle of your new culture, you just won’t assimilate well. The successful expat learns to become flexible and open to new ways of thinking and doing things. They develop a more open nature – a nature they might never have needed to adopt if they stayed in their home city.

You become open to receiving assistance


Never be too proud to ask for help if you are an expat. While you might have avoided all assistance in your home city, becoming an expat will force you to approach strangers and seek assistance. There is nothing more valuable than local knowledge and if you try and do everything yourself, you’re going to end up stressed and frustrated.

You become more patient


There is nothing that fosters a patient attitude like the paperwork you have to wade through, as you become an expat. Even if you think you have dealt with it all by the time you leave – you’ll discover mounds of it in your new country as you open up bank accounts, apply for tax numbers and join the healthcare system.  Seasoned expats say you learn to “breathe” and “go with the flow” far more easily than you ever did before. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself swimming upstream against the current.

You become more confident


There is nothing that grows confidence like becoming an expat. After you have navigated leaving your home country and successfully established yourself and your family in a new one, there is not much left in life that will phase you or be too much for you to handle. Daily challenges that most people experience will be a breeze after you have moved home and country lock, stock and barrel.

You become less materialistic


There is nothing that makes you appreciate friends, family and human relationships like becoming an expat. You’ll realise that the lasting things of real value in life are not your possessions, but the people who support you and are there for you as you go through this huge change in your life.

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