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#TravelTuesday – travel hacks you need to know

By March 1, 2016October 23rd,

#TravelTuesday – travel hacks you need to know

March 1, 2016

It’s a fact – travel after emigration is not an ‘if’, it’s a ‘when’. Indeed, after emigrating from South Africa, you may find that travel becomes cheaper, or safer, or it may be that you need to visit South Africa again. So if you’ve got some travel on the cards, it’s important that you get to learn the ins and outs of the tourism industry.

Ideas to remember next time you travel

Browse incognito

If you want to get the best flight, accommodation and transportation rates, then it’s best providers know as little as possible about you. Though you can clear your cache and delete your cookies, but this is not necessarily something you want to do if you need other sites to remember your browsing data and contact information. Luckily there’s a way around this and it’s called incognito browsing. By choosing to browse in incognito you can browse the internet without worrying that sites (or your browser) will store your search data. Travel sites often use your search information to hike up prices before you’ve even asked for a quotation, but private browsing will put one over on them.

Rolling clothes

One of the biggest problems with travel is undoubtedly space. It’s hard to know where to put everything. Provided you keep weight in the back of your mind, there is a way to get more into your bags. Try rolling your clothes and tying them with elastics instead of folding them, you could pack at least double your normal load by doing this.

Hidden pockets

If you want your possessions to stay safe without having your hands full, a good idea is to sew hidden pockets into the insides of your pants, shirts and coats. A word of caution here though – this is only to be used while traveling through towns, districts and navigating shops and streets. Do not stow any possessions in these pockets when you are going through security checkpoints as it may appear that you are trying to hide contraband.

Tic Tac containers

We all have those small items we need to take along with no idea where to put them. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to lug these along is by putting them in tic tac containers. You can put matches in these, cotton buds (cut these in half so they fit), pills, hair clips and elastics and whatever else you need to take along.

TV charging

It’s gonna happen! You’re going to forget your wall plug or charger and will freak out because you can’t charge your phone or ipad. Not to worry though. If you have a USB cable, you can simply plug it into the USB port of the television in your hotel to charge your device.

Smelling fresh

If you’re travelling around, chances are you won’t always have the time or resources to wash your clothes. But that doesn’t mean you have to smell like you haven’t washed in days. The best way to keep your clothes smelling fresh is to toss a soap bar from your hotel in with your laundry bag.

Contact lense rations

If you’re just travelling for a weekend, put your makeup and creams in contact lense cases. You can stow eye shadow, foundation, night cream, facial soap and sunblock in these containers and not have to worry about packing all your toiletries.

FourSquare comments

If you want information for the areas you are visiting, use foursquare and check the comments sections to get up-to-date, honest visitor feedback. This includes safety information, travel routes, tourist hubs and wifi passwords.

Chap sticks

It’s not always easy to know where to hide your jewellery and small possessions when you are travelling. Not all hotels and guest houses have safes to keep your personal possessions. Luckily the frequent fliers have figured this one out. Use an empty chap stick (lip ice) container to stow all your small valuables in. Lingering fingers will not think to look inside these containers for your valuables.

Button holes

Fasten your earrings through the holes in buttons while you are travelling to keep from losing them. It also makes it easier to pack these in little containers as the rounded corners of the buttons will limit the earrings from sticking into your other items.

We hope you’ll find these hacks helpful next time you travel. Check in again next week for some more #TravelTuesday tips.

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