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The power of collaboration: a look at the team

By February 4, 2016October 23rd,

The power of collaboration: a look at the team

February 4, 2016 is unique, no doubt about that.

Of course, you’ve heard this from every company you’ve ever worked for or dealt with, but when you look at it objectively, it’s hard to draw a different conclusion. That’s because there is no other company in the world with our area of specialisation and unique offering – a focus on cross-border financial services for the South African emigrant. Moreover, has the world’s first and leading secure online financial emigration platform – a necessity when operating across jurisdictions and time zones.

Who is

Founded in 2009, was established from a dream to provide South Africans living abroad with the freedom to enjoy an unencumbered lifestyle – by accessing and transferring their assets between countries. The brainchild of the operation, Ryno Viljoen, had identified a neglected segment in the financial services industry – a need for integrated financial migration planning and cross-border tax services.

Essentially, South Africans emigrants were left to ‘fend for themselves’ in terms of international money, retirement annuity and policy transfers. Those who’d entrusted their financial needs to financial services providers operating within South African borders were often misinformed or caught up in administrative red tape, as many service providers don’t have the specialist knowledge necessary for administering cross-border services.

So when opened their doors with a headcount of three in 2010, South African expats finally had a provider whose single focus was assisting them in all aspects of their financial migration.

From strength to strength

Now, six years after opening our doors, the team has matured to an impressive amount of staff members, offices in three countries. We have helped thousands of clients in over 105 countries with different aspects of their financial migration. Of course, this will not have been possible, had it not been for the unique knowledge and contributions from our eclectic and experienced team members – each of whom brings a unique perspective and experience to the table.

Our people, our pride

At the head of the table sits our commander-in-chief, Ryno, a chartered accountant with 25 years’ experience in strategic financial planning and management. Though we can talk about Ryno’s experience at length, his principal strengths lies in his understanding of people. His business vision is fuelled by a deep compassion and thoughtfulness for the needs of both his clients and his staff. In this day and age, it’s rare to find a CEO who treats all colleagues and stakeholders as his equals – but this is a value Ryno has instilled throughout the business and something which has filtered through to the exco team and become a crucial part of the company culture.

Standing by his side, are esteemed board members who each provide distinct strengths and experience to the managerial stronghold.

Steve Porter, a veteran of the Royal Bank of Scotland and founding member of, boasts 30 years’ international banking and financial services experience. Steve epitomises leading by example – with a spirit of innovation and collaboration which draws on the unique strengths of his colleagues and provides the glue of encouragement and cooperation which binds the team into an unrivalled and cohesive whole.

Brennan Davis, an entrepreneur and product of the University of Natal, provides formidable insight into the digital world, with extensive experience in the online world of marketing and financial transacting. Brennan’s infectious spirit and enthusiasm serves as an unmistakable catalyst for progress and accord in our ranks – his endearing nature and resourcefulness makes him a crucial asset to the team.

Mark Kahts started his career as a qualified accountant in the insurance industry, but Mark traversed numerous industries – operating in the telecoms industry, accountancy, billing and revenue assurance and eventually specialising in executive reporting and business intelligence. Not a day goes by that Mark doesn’t take the effort to greet each of his colleagues in person, instilling an air of mutual respect, solidarity and consideration – the necessary oil for the ruts of any thriving business.

Mariette Janse van Rensburg who currently heads up our Australian team holds a B.Com Marketing degree and is also a certified financial planner in South Africa and Australia. She’s held several managerial positions with leading insurance and investment groups in South Africa. Mariette is a go-getter with an unquenchable energy who leads her team with unmatched dynamism.

Jacques le Roux brings two decades of local and international exposure in management at director level to the mix. His forte lies in business systems and financial modelling, though he has an in-depth knowledge across the engineering, manufacturing, retail and financial services industries. Jacques sets a standard of impeccable professionalism and sophistication – with unparalleled business acumen and integrity which are non-negotiables in the financial industry.

In addition to our board members, the team consists of an eclectic mix of hand-picked staff members who follow in the honourable footsteps of our prodigious leaders. The team is pick-a-mix of individuals with specialist knowledge and insight in various industry sectors, including customer relationship management, financial planning and consultancy, actuarial services, business analysis and development, digital and financial marketing, business support, information systems, tax, banking, legal, compliance and human resources.

The power of strategic partnerships

In addition to our in-house specialists, has formed strategic partnerships and affiliations with leading banks, tax agencies, insurers and other financial services providers across international waters in order to harness the benefits of collaborative service provision and cater to the distinct needs of each of our clients – irrespective of their location on the world map.

Location, location, location

Setting up shop in a non-metropolitan area is a rather unconventional move for a financial services provider, but this decision has played into the warranted perception that does not follow anyone’s lead.

Being headquartered Hermanus has provided the opportunity for many industry experts to relocate to a decidedly safer, more tranquil and undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing location than most other providers can hope to offer their employees. It has also served as a powerful resource for job creation within the greater Overberg region.’s message to other service providers is clear; it’s time for industry leaders to step out onto the online sphere and provide remote services to their clients which are accessible, secure and versatile if they are to maintain traction in the global marketplace. It doesn’t matter where you’re headquartered –  what matters is how far your reach is and how adept you are at serving your clients on their home turf.

A look ahead – exciting times

The business has seen exponential growth in the last few years – a trend which is almost unheard of in corporate circles and likely to continue as the company covers new territories and services.

These truly are exciting times to be part of the team – something most anyone would want to be part of. So why not join us on our journey as we lead South Africans on a path of financial freedom across the globe.

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