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Top 12 travel hacks

By July 14, 2015October 6th,

Top 12 travel hacks

July 14, 2015

Travelling awakens the inner adventurer in all of us, but no matter how many stamps you have in your passport – some things can still be a drag. You are essentially living out of a suitcase, and if you’re anything like us you welcome any smart travel hacks that will make your life easier.

Check out the top 12 travel hacks below.

1. The binder clip hack

Traveling with a razorblade is not always fun. This loose item in your luggage may lead to rips, tears or blunt blades. Our trick? Put a stationery binder clip over the top of your blade. It protects the blade and your belongings.

2. The straw container

Make single use toiletry containers by cutting straws and filling them with the required amount of shampoo, toothpaste, SPF or whatever else you need. Seal the tip of your straw with tape or by melting the open tip shut with an iron or hair straightener.

3. The collar belt

If you need the collar of your shirt to remain stiff and retain its form in your suitcase, roll up a belt and place it inside the neck opening of the folded shirt.

4. Keep on rolling

Most of us want to pack more than we can lug along. If you want to fit more into your suitcase, roll your clothes and towels instead of folding them. You will fit a lot more into your bag. You can even fasten the rolled up clothing with elastic bands.

5. Fast food GPS

The best place to ask for directions, irrespective of the country you’re in, is your local fast food outlet. If they do deliveries they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

6. Offline maps

If you need to access your Google maps offline, zoom into a map section that you will need to access later and simply type ‘ok maps’ into the search box. Your map will be saved for offline viewing.

7. The pocket pouch

sew a small pocket into the inside of your travel pants to keep your money and most precious items safe while exploring foreign streets.

8. Tic tac tip

Keep your bobby pins or small jewellery items in an empty tic tac container. It’s small, convenient and can fit in your purse.

9. Sunglass case

Sunglass cases are perfect for storing your small cables like cell phone chargers, adapters and earphones. It also keeps cables from tangling inside your bags.

10. Shower cap cover

Cheap plastic shower caps are perfect for storing your flats in or covering the soles of your shoes while traveling. It will also prevent dirt on the soles from damaging clothing.

11. Cleared cache

If you’re looking for the best travel rates, remember to clear your browser’s cache and cookies before you do your search. Most providers track user information, but if you clear it out your rates are bound to be better.

12. Digi docs

Remember to scan and email, or upload your important documentation like passports and medical certificates to your own email address or Google drive. This means you have it on hand come worst case scenario.

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