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You’ve emigrated to Australia but your money sits in South Africa

By June 30, 2015July 25th, 2020Financial emigration

You’ve emigrated to Australia but your money sits in South Africa

June 30, 2015

Life down-under can be a wonderful experience if you’re able to maintain the continuity you’ve had in your life in South Africa. Just because you are moving abroad doesn’t mean you need to begin your life again, from scratch.

After all, if there is one thing that is better than beginning a new life in a new country, it is beginning a new life in a new country with your financial stability still intact!

Who says that just because you are moving to a different country, you cannot take your past life and financial achievements with you? Financial emigration has been one of the biggest grey-areas for South Africans considering a life abroad in Australia. You’ve worked so hard to create a comfortable financial platform for you in South Africa, should you be expected to lose it just because you are moving abroad?

The journey to being a financial non-resident

There are two things that you need to know if you are trying to move abroad – the actual process of financial emigration is actually much simpler than you think and it’s only a matter of changing your citizen-status from being a resident to a non-resident. The most difficult thing for South Africans to comprehend is that they do not lose any of their South African rights just because they are moving to Australia.

All that’s happening is that your residence-status changes but your rights, possessions, freedom and everything else you enjoyed as a South African resident remain unchanged!

Waiting doesn’t make any sense

Patience is a virtue, but is there a reason for you to undergo hardships when you’ve already created the means to overcome them? The whole point of your financial stability in South Africa was designed to help you have a better life in the future.

Once you’ve moved to Australia, why would you consider going back to step one and working your way back towards creating a financially stable life? Picking up from where you were is much easier than ever before as you can withdraw the complete amount in your bank accounts and transfer them to your home country to complete your migration process.

When setting up a new life in Australia, be it a new home you’re paying for or a car or just furnishing your home – use the money you’ve already earned! Let show you why you don’t need to worry about leaving your money behind when you get to Australia.

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