Oftentimes foreign nationals or financially emigrated South Africans(classified non-resident) are presented with attractive South African returns on investment opportunities…

As all inward investments are subject to South African exchange control regulations, which are strictly applied by the Reserve Bank, it is prudent to plan ahead and consider your future exit strategy.

The Solution? Get your ducks in a row from the start: establish the appropriate platform to manage your inward investments and future disinvestments with flexible and convenient transactional capability.

To make investors’ lives easy finglobal.com facilitates the whole process – including international FICA compliance – on your behalf without you having to put a foot on South African soil!

An exclusive banking and forex trading solution that affords foreign nationals and former South African residents the convenience to manage their South African financial affairs from abroad – smoothly, profitably and within the law.


  • personalised exchange control and private banking services
  • inward investment recordkeeping
  • deposit South African sourced funds e.g. rental income
  • schedule debit order payments e.g. levies, rates and taxes
  • comprehensive foreign currency conversion service
  • special SARB applications


  • securely transact within exchange control regulations.
  • detailed transaction history and investment records.
  • smooth repatriation of original investment values.
  • lower exchange rates compared to retail banks
  • vehicle to hedge South African investments against depreciating Rand
  • local currency card to cover expenses while in South Africa


If you have the appetite to make smart South African investments from abroad, you should talk to an adviser about opening your smart mobile bank account.

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