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May 2013: Don’t get divorced from your family wealth – financially emigrate

By April 18, 2015October 9th, 2023Newsletter

May 2013: Don’t get divorced from your family wealth – financially emigrate

April 18, 2015

Imagine if you will. You’re a South African family living in Sydney, London, Ontario or Argentina. Mom, Dad and kids – all happily settled in new home, new schools with new friends. Life is great!

As an international family you hold retirement investments and other assets back in South Africa – all safe and sound. Or is it?

Unless the whole family has financially emigrated from South Africa you’re separated from your financial assets and wealth, which present a multiple of unnecessary potential challenges.

Such as? An unexpected death of one or both parents may leave the children with a headache to access inheritances from deceased estates in South Africa and to transfer these to their new country!

If you or your children were born in South Africa, from an exchange control perspective, you remain resident of South Africa, which means you cannot access inheritances received in South Africa.

The solution? If you’ve decided to live abroad, why not financially emigrate which means you’ll never be divorced from your South African held assets. Once you’ve emigrated your inheritance can be paid offshore!

This does not mean you have to physically relocate your investments to your new home country. As a South African emigrant you are at liberty to invest wherever you feel your wealth and return is safest.

Why risk your family wealth if you can be a Citizen of the World. For professional advice and a free consultation please contact us on

It’s not in our nature to promote gloom and doom: we prefer to provide sound advice as a basis from which to plan for a successful future.