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June 2013: Tax issues and compliances faced when coming home

By April 18, 2015October 6th, 2023Newsletter

June 2013: Tax issues and compliances faced when coming home

April 18, 2015

Was the title and opening words of Bobby Bare’s 1963 hit. Fifty years later the same words echoed in Lizette and Pieter’s ears when they attended the SA Gemeente Dankfees in the UK. More South African expats than we’d have thought are considering coming home. Virtually all of them expressed the same concerns:

  • Have I lost my SA nationality or SA passport?
  • We left many years ago and don’t have a new bar-coded ID!
  • I’m a financial emigrant – is it possible to reverse my tax status?
  • To come back, do I have to relinquish the assets acquired in the UK?

Fortunately for them, they’ll find it easier to get back and settle into their home country than when they left. While both SARS and the Reserve Bank’s rules and re-entry regulations have changed, expats will find our bespoke and user-friendly system convenient and effective. is the leading South African brand assisting fellow countrymen, wherever in the world they live or want to live, in transferring their financial assets smoothly, cost effectively and securely. Since inception, we’ve served thousands of clients in over 105 countries of the world, successfully moving hundreds of millions of Rands.

The secret to a smooth and effective return to South Africa: to start where you should have started when you first considered emigration – what tax issues and compliances am I facing?While this may be a technical and daunting thought to deal with there’s nothing to it when working with our cross-border tax department. This is what they do; it is what we do at We make coming home an even more pleasant experience for you to look forward to.

Doing things the way we do them you’ll just wanna go home!