When looking at the Rand’s depreciation over the past 5 years one has to ask yourself the question: how am I going to recover the losses suffered due to depreciation of my retirement investment? As an example: as a South African living in Australia and as a consequence of the exchange rate your retirement investment value will have depreciated by 65% and to break even your investment needs to achieve a net real growth of 11%.

Living in another country with your retirement annuities left behind and no intention of retiring in South Africa is like long distance gambling. Quoting a highly respected economist: “We’re often asked our opinion on the anticipated strength or weakness of the Rand, especially as the currency has behaved erratically all year. Trying to time the movement of the Rand to maximise exchange returns is, to say the least, a gamble”.

No man wants to wager his family’s retirement or pension investments. Why not consider the facts and possibility of transferring your retirement annuities and other investments to your new home country?

When living abroad you’re allowed to withdraw your retirement annuities and preservation funds no matter what your age. How? By going through the South African financial emigration process. Need a hand? We’ll show you how.

finglobal.com has exported hundreds of millions in Rand to South Africans living abroad. Is it not time to take control of your own destiny? For more information on how to cash-in and move my retirement annuity monies talk to the people who understand South African expats’ needs.

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