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April 2013: Mrs Balls or Mr Broker – who do you miss the most?

By April 18, 2015October 6th, 2023Newsletter

April 2013: Mrs Balls or Mr Broker – who do you miss the most?

April 18, 2015

Dealing with South African clients the world over – last count 63 countries – we’ve come to know the two people they miss most in their new home countries. Mrs. Balls and Mr. Broker.

Mrs. Balls can be found in the nearest South African shop but who to turn to for advice or to look after retirement and other investments back home? Dealing with these matters across continents is a challenge.

To lend a helping hand we now have a dedicated team comprising seven people qualified to maintain and service the financial products, which clients left behind when they left South Africa.

We currently focus on three products:

  • Preservation Fund Transfer: we developed a unique solution to extract the full value from your preservation fund, even if you’ve made a previous withdrawal. These funds can then, after formal emigration, be transferred to your new home country.
  • Living Annuities Management: services include hands-on portfolio management to limit currency exposure; best forex rates for transfer of annuities and management of tax exemption applications to avoid double taxation.
  • PPS Insurance: we provide relevant advice and services to assist PPS members who no longer live in South Africa; we maintain and evaluate portfolio benefits to ensure quality, international risk cover, where applicable.

The grass will be greener on the other side if we water it on this side