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June 2011: fresh milk newsletter

By April 7, 2015October 6th, 2023Newsletter

June 2011: fresh milk newsletter

April 7, 2015

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is:
“When are you coming to Australia (New Zealand, the UK, Canada, the USA etc)?”

In order to personally meet, greet and explain how we can be of service we’re undertaking trips to your new home countries of choice – starting with Australia at the end of June.

During our visit we’ll host group presentations and offer individual consultations in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. The purpose of these presentations? To highlight and discuss various important issues which may impact upon, or affect, any assets that you continue to hold in South Africa. In the process we’ll explain how we can assist you to effectively extract and repatriate funds from various sources including the most common – retirement annuities.

If you, or any South African ex-pats you know in Australia, would like to attend a presentation, at no cost, then reserve your seat, or arrange a personal consultation by contacting us today! See our web site for details of when we’ll be where.

If you don’t live in any of the cities we’re visiting in June/July don’t be concerned, we plan to be in your vicinity in the near future to make good on our promise that we deliver. no bull.


Taking Stock June 2011

FSB approved… so what? is a Financial Services Board (FSB) licensed financial services provider in South Africa. What does that mean to you? Well, it means that

  • you have security in the knowledge that you are dealing with a registered, regulated entity
  • your funds are being handled by a company that is required to comply with the very strict financial regulations as laid out by the Financial Services Board of South Africa
  • you are engaging the services of a company that has the FSB-stipulated qualified personnel and processes that are constantly monitored by their compliance officer

If you’re handing your South African financial solution requirements to anyone else, are they FSB registered?’s licensed Financial Service Provider number is 42872.
FSB: It’s more than a number, it’s a guarantee.


Accessing your monthly pension fund/living annuity proceeds

How do you move monthly proceeds received from your pension fund/ living annuity in South Africa, to your bank account in Australia/ New Zealand/ Canada/ UK etc?

Solution:’s Pension Recouping Serviceâ„¢
Listening to and comprehending what our clients say, we have noticed that there are a lot of fellow South Africans who struggle to have their pensions and annuities paid and received in South Africa and then transferred to their bank account offshore. The only way that people are currently accessing this money is to either:

  1. Accumulate the funds in a South African bank account, fly back to South Africa, draw the money and physically carry it back to their new country of residence or
  2. Using a South African credit or debit card, draw the money offshore from an ATM machine or
  3. Make use of personal allowances to move funds on a piecemeal basis

The above options leave a few questions to be considered:

  • Are these the only options available to you to lay your hands on your money?
  • Are these options legal in terms of current legislation in South Africa?
  • Are any of the options the most cost effective way of getting your funds offshore? has developed a solution that addresses all these concerns; introducing the Pension Recouping Serviceâ„¢. This innovate solution offers clients the ability to freely, legally and cost effectively move their money received from pensions and annuities from South Africa to their new country of residence!

How does it work?

It is a fact that 95% of people that have left South Africa, to permanently reside abroad, have not recorded their formal emigration when they left. This has an impact on your ability to freely move funds from South Africa, in terms of current exchange control regulations.

Our Pension Recouping Serviceâ„¢ offers you the opportunity to record your formal emigration now, through our Retrospective Emigration Solutionâ„¢.

Once your emigration is recorded we convert your current bank account into a “blocked bank account”, as required by the South African Reserve bank, for exchange control purposes. Once your “blocked bank account” is opened it means that:

  1. All your existing cash-on-hand in your current bank account will be transferred to your “blocked bank account” and may then be remitted to your offshore bank account immediately.
  2. Future funding to your “blocked bank account”, received from you pension or annuity fund, will then be accumulated in this account, and remitted to you, automatically on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis, which ever you choose.
  3. In the event of your death, benefits paid from your pension fund or living annuity, depending on the structure of your fund or annuity, will then be freely remittable as a lump sum through your “blocked bank account” to your beneficiaries offshore.

Should you wish to get more information regarding this innovative solution, submit your queries to


Buying a home

They found the home of their dreams in New Zealand but didn’t have the finances readily available for the deposit required to put the offer in. The S.O.S. to was sent and we responded. Within a few months of initially making contact with us our New Zealand based clients were able to use the money unlocked from their Retirement Annuities in South Africa to put a down-payment on their new home and are now happily living in it!

We are heartened by the positive stories we continue to receive from clients who are putting their hard-earned savings to good use in their new country of residence. Read more testimonials.


Supporting crime prevention

A chance meeting one Sunday morning on a beach in Hermanus between MD Ryno Viljoen and Sgt Owen Mitini of the South African Police Services, has seen the beginning of a very meaningful relationship.

You see, Owen has a passion for ensuring that the youth of Hermanus have an opportunity to aspire to greatness no matter what their circumstances. The path to self-improvement is offered through sport and it is no coincidence that keeping the youth off the streets through soccer meets Owen’s other objective of crime prevention. Both ideologies resonated with Ryno resulting in the start of a relationship between, Sgt Mitini and the Stars of Tomorrow.

Owen is mentoring youngsters to be upstanding citizens in their communities and takes it upon himself to ensure coaching for a group of youngsters four times a week. We recently watched his U13 soccer team, the Stars of Tomorrow, play a match (they won 13-0) and were amazed at the team ethic, morale and talent on display. It is evidence of the massive effort that both Owen and his coaches pour into these boys.’s salutes The Stars of Tomorrow and their coach. So much is required and so much more can be done to further this cause. We are hoping that the small contribution we make will go a long way to assisting and ensuring that Owen’s dream of keeping kids off the streets and their hopes alive can be achieved.