The generic skepticism about what one can and cannot expect when wanting to cash-in a policy because of “small print” issues does not apply when it comes to cashing-in an unclaimed policy – the going is easy because the policyholder will inadvertently be doing the insurance company a favour.

To have the more than R1 billion balance in unclaimed South African policies paid out is tantamount to reducing Table Mountain to a molehill. While the analogy is a grossly exaggerated notion the insurance industry needs all the help it can get to be relieved of the burden of unclaimed policies!

The new ASISA Standard on Unclaimed Assets effective 1 June 2013 reads:

  •  a life company may never take ownership of unclaimed assets
  • beneficiaries and their dependents will always have claim on their assets
  • since 1 June 2013, life assurance companies are obliged to trace policyholders within 6 months of the assets becoming payable

Well, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, isn’t it time to help the insurance companies get out of their bind and – in the process – to help yourself to policy monies that may be due to you? Let us help you start your own policy trace today. The SMALL PRINT for lending a helping hand – we deliver. no bull.



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