South African expats living abroad and holding retirement annuities back home have two choices:

  1. When paying a landlord’s mortgage because you’re living in his rental accommodation – cash-in your policies and transfer the money abroad as deposit to invest in your own home.
  2. When already paying your own home’s mortgage – cash-in your policies and transfer the money abroad, deposit the money into your mortgage account or use as a deposit to invest a second home to rent out.

What is the point in holding a depreciating retirement investment only to pay it out in rentals after you’ve stopped earning? Where will the money come from to cover your everyday living expenses? Studies show the cost of rental will exceed the money invested in a mortgage to own your own home.

In the long run there is zero return on accommodation rental while owning your own home represents an appreciating fixed assets.

If you’ve been looking to climb the property ladder your South African held retirement annuity investment could be you first step as you are fully entitled to cash-in your retirement annuities and have the full capital value transferred abroad before the generally accepted retirement age of 55.

First step: Get your free, personal South African financial report to discover how much money you have back home in retirement annuities waiting to help owning your own home in your new home country.

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