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SA Expats – Take control of your own destiny. Own your own home!

By July 18, 2014October 24th, 2023Retirement annuities

SA Expats – Take control of your own destiny. Own your own home!

July 18, 2014

Given this depreciation trend the return of an expat’s South African based retirement investment – relative to major world currencies – will simply continue to diminish in value and significance.

What needs to happen for this trend to reverse? How long will it take, in international currency, to make up the losses of the past 10 and more years?

In the meantime house prices in all major expat markets – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA – are relentlessly increasing.

What is the point in watching a hard earned asset being threatened by currency devaluation and your retirement investments tied up in the wrong assets class?

South Africans, generally, prefer to own the roof over their heads to renting. What is the point in paying another man’s mortgage if you can own your own and, in the process, invest in a secure and solid asset?

Why wait out a retirement annuity or pension payout? Why not cash-in your policies, transfer the funds abroad and use the money as a deposit to own your own home?

Not only will you arrest the devaluation of your retirement investment and ever increasing house prices – you’ll also join the ranks of homeowners with an appreciating asset in your name!

Expats living and working abroad who have a retirement annuity or pension investment back in South Africa are allowed to cash-in these policies and move the full capital value abroad before the generally accepted retirement age of 55.

There is no time like the present – take action – cash-in your South African retirement annuities and invest in real estate in your new home country.

Get the ball rolling! Get a free, no obligation personal South African financial report and discover how much money you can transfer abroad before your investment depreciates even more!

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