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Boerewors Near Me – Where to Find Boerewors in the Top 28 Cities Around the World

By July 28, 2023December 20th, 2023FinGlobal

Boerewors Near Me – Where to Find Boerewors in the Top 28 Cities Around the World

July 28, 2023

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Boerewors needs no introduction to the average South African, or their nearest friends, for that matter. This delectable braai sausage crammed with beef mince (sometimes a bit of lamb or pork, too) and spices is made for sharing – and that we do! Whether you’re at a backyard barbecue in the States or a “barbie” in Australia, one thing is for certain; sharing a little bit of traditional Saffa boerewors will transport you back home for a few blissful moments!

Frequently asked by expats: Where to buy boerewors near me

We’ve encountered countless South Africans who when asked, say that boerewors and biltong are the two things they miss the most about SA. Second to their family and friends left behind, of course (wink). And to cater to the needs of these poor souls, we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 cities in the world where you can find your boerewors fix. This list is not exhaustive, and if you’ve found additional places where you can get your biltong fix in any of these cities, we strongly encourage you to share your information.

Boerewors in London

London and surrounds has a large and expanding South African community. And needs must, of course! Here you can find a plethora of options for getting your hands on some good SA boerewors. You can order online from the likes of Snoggy’s or the South African Shop London. Or you can pop into a local Saffa shop like the Limpopo Biltong Shop, which is just off Church Street in Twickenham.

Boerewors Hong Kong

There are South African treats available all across Hong Kong. For the most comprehensive list of South African shops and supplies, you can refer to the South African Association of Hong Kong’s extensive list.

Boerewors Seoul

Seoul has a growing population of South Africans, with most Saffas ordering their boerewors and other treats online via the Braai Republic website.

Boerewors Paris

There’s not a lot of information available on finding biltong and boerewors products in Paris, but some forums recommend consulting with the Monsieur Biltong website for information.

Boerewors Tokyo

If you hop onto Saffa forums in Tokyo, you’ll find that many South Africans in the area are constantly in search of South African products and treats. There seems to be a shortage! That said, one website is often recommended for finding traditional South African boerewors and that’s The Meat Guy.

Boerewors Barcelona

If you’re living in Barcelona or somewhere else in Spain and want a taste of home, there’s a great Facebook page called South Africans in Spain that’s designed for Saffas in the area. Here, there are plenty of adverts for boerewors, and a great opportunity to meet other Saffas in the area.

Boerewors New York

Living in the Big Apple but would prefer a boerie roll for lunch? You can find a selection of South African shops such as the African Hut, Maliba African Market, and New York Biltong. That said, many South Africans in New York may prefer to order their boerewors supply online, in which case, the New York Biltong website is a good place to start.

Boerewors Amsterdam

Runder Biltong Snacks steals the limelight when it comes to finding quality South African boerewors and meaty snacks in Amsterdam!

Boerewors Dubai

Dubai’s South African community is growing each year, and along with it, there seems to be South African shops popping up here and there. Some of the popular places to find some tasty boerewors and other South African snacks include the South African Shop just opposite Kite Beach, and Lekker Shop Al Quoz.

Boerewors Berlin

There aren’t many dedicated South African shops in Berlin besides the Outer Africa shop that sometimes (not always) sells boerewors. Some online forums do mention boerewors sometimes being available at The Sausage Man Never Sleeps. You may also find some joy by ordering online from the Saffa Shop that caters to the Bavaria and Stammbach areas.

Boerewors Mexico City

Finding South African food in Mexico City seems to be somewhat challenging, but there is a Facebook page called South Africans Living in Mexico that helps South Africans in the area find products and services. Sometimes, you may find boerewors and biltong advertised on this page.

Boerewors Sydney

Sydney is a popular place for South Africans to settle and so it’s only natural that you’ll find a handful of South African shops there. In Sydney, you can find boerewors, biltong, and many other South African treats at shops such as African Vibe in Condamine Street, Biltong and Boerewors in Panmure Street, or you can order online at Springbok Delights.

Boerewors Buenos Aires

While it doesn’t seem possible to find a dedicated South African shop in Buenos Aires, Saffas in Argentina know they can order some Saffa style treats from Summit Biltong which is run by an Argentinian who lived in South Africa and loved the local cuisine.

Boerewors Madrid

If you’re shopping for boerewors in Madrid, you can check out El Toro, which provides South African treats to many areas, not only Madrid.

Boerewors İstanbul

There don’t seem to be dedicated South African shops in Istanbul, but some forums recommend that Saffas visit high-end stores such as Marco to find imported products. Another option is to keep an eye on social media pages, such as South Africans in Istanbul, to be the first to know if there are Saffa products like biltong and boerewors on sale.

Boerewors Toronto

Toronto has a diverse and growing South African community. As a lucky side effect, there are several South African shops in Toronto that sell boerewors and biltong. Some good options to try include The South African Store, Biltong Toronto, and Sanagan’s Meat Locker.

Boerewors Beijing

A firm favourite for South Africans living in Beijing is Farmer Butcher South African Deli. Here you can order your South African boerewors online, along with other delights, such as South African wine and cheese.

Boerewors Shanghai

If you talk to expats living in Shanghai, you’ll likely be directed to the South Africans Living in Shanghai Facebook page for information on boerewors and biltong sales.

Boerewors Rome

Saffas living in or near Rome often recommend using the Saffa’s Deli website to order the likes of boerewors, biltong, and other local treats from back home.

Boerewors Moscow

It can be tricky finding South African shops in Moscow, but the few South Africans living in the area direct people to the Saffa Meats page on Facebook to find out where to buy boerewors and other South African meat products.

Boerewors Los Angeles

If you’re living in Los Angeles and want to get together to enjoy boerewors and biltong with other Saffas, it’s recommended that you join the South Africans in Los Angeles Facebook page. Here you can keep up to date on where to get your fix of boerewors and biltong!

Boerewors Chicago

There are a number of African grocery and supermarkets in Chicago, including Makola African Supermarket, Mandela African Grocery and Arts, and La’Frique Market. You can also join the South Africans Living in Chicago Facebook page.

Boerewors in Bangkok

If you’re living in Bangkok, you could get some biltong and boerewors at the Siam BBQ Company or at Bangkok Biltong.

Boerewors in Orlando

If you’re in the USA and looking to buy boerewors in Orlando, you may find success by visiting the South African Food Shop and ordering online.

Boerewors in Manchester

Manchester is a popular city in the UK that attracts many South Africans. Most Saffas looking for boerewors in Manchester will make use of the South African Shop website.

Boerewors in Glasgow

Glasgow in Scotland is popular for South Africans to settle. If you’re looking to get your hands on boerewors in Glasgow, you can try the Cape Scot website.

Boerewors in Dublin

For Saffas settling in Dublin, Ireland, there’s a great South African braai website you can make use of called the SA Shop Ireland.

Boerewors in Auckland

Made a home for yourself in Auckland, New Zealand? No worries! We’ve got just the place for you to get your biltong and boerewors. Pay a visit to the official local NZ South African Shop!

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