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Ultramel custard recipes

By October 28, 2022FinGlobal

Ultramel custard recipes

October 28, 2022


Stealthy footsteps tiptoe across the kitchen towards the fridge. Listening intently, you hear the fridge door slowly swing open. Fearing the worst, you slap the light on, and what do you see? Only the worst custard thief in history, standing with a dessert spoon resplendent, custard dribbles evident down the front of their shirt! Haven’t you learned yet that custard is the food of the gods and, as such, requires 24-hour surveillance, especially from hungry spouses in search of a midnight treat? And when that custard happens to be Ultramel custard, fridge security definitely needs to be stepped up a notch!

Ultramel custard, the ultimate pud

At FinGlobal, aside from taking emigration seriously, we rank custard a close second in the order of importance. After all, a life without Ultramel would be like a life without braai’s, biltong, and boerewors –unthinkable!

Who can say they don’t enjoy the sensory delight and indulgence of thick, creamy Ultramel custard? With so many Ultramel custard flavours to choose from, creating a fantastic pudding is easy! Simply choose your preferred flavour and add a splotch or dollop onto your favourite jelly, pour it in swirls over ice cream, or drizzle it over hot sticky toffee pudding; job done! Yum!

Basic custard recipe

Unfortunately, those who have emigrated may find laying their hands on a carton of Ultramel a little difficult. Would you believe some countries aren’t as infatuated with custard as we saffas are?

As a result, your favourite Ultramel custard recipes aren’t as easy to whip up, which leads to only one thing, a grumpy, homesick custard thief!

Ouma’s custard resep

 Use this trusty old-fashioned custard recipe should you find yourself in a dire Ultramel custard-less situation!

What you need

  • 6 large fresh eggs
  • 1-liter full cream milk (you can use 2% if preferred)
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • Nutmeg for seasoning (optional, but don’t tell Ouma!)

What to do

 Preheat the oven to 160 C

  • Heat the milk over a low temperature until it starts to form bubbles around the edges, don’t allow it to boil.
  • Blend the eggs, salt, and sugar in a separate bowl; the mixture should be smooth.
  • Then add the hot milk to the egg mixture and whisk vigorously until completely combined.
  • Gently stir in the vanilla extract before pouring the mixture into a medium-sized oven-proof dish. Sprinkle the top with nutmeg; it’s time to bake your custard!
  • Put the oven dish into a roasting pan filled with water; the water level should be an inch from the top of the oven dish. This is your make-shift bain-marie and ensures the custard remains smooth and creamy without becoming crusty.
  • Lastly, place the roasting pan holding the oven dish into the oven and bake for 45 minutes.

Ultramel custard ice cream recipe

 Of course, if you have managed to find a coveted carton of Ultramel, then you simply have to try this gorgeous Ultramel custard ice cream recipe!

What you need

  • 500 ml Ultramel Custard (no sneaking any spoonfuls!)
  • 250 ml Fresh cream
  • 70 ml castor sugar
  • Rainbow sprinkles (for decoration)

What to do

 Use an electric handheld beater to whip the cream and sugar until the mixture forms soft peaks.

  • Next, gently fold the custard into the sugary cream using a spatula.
  • Pour the custard mixture into a large bowl and place it into the freezer for an hour.
  • Remove from the freezer and stir the mixture, then replace it and wait another hour before stirring it again. Repeat this process an additional three times before pouring the mixture into a freezer-safe container and freeze for 24 hours. Note no further stirring is required.
  • Once your ice cream is ready, use an ice cream scoop to roll the Ultramel ice cream into balls and serve on a cone or in a bowl topped with lashings of rainbow sprinkles.

Ultramel custard and tennis biscuits

 If you are looking for that saffa-style taste of home, it can only be found at the bottom of a bowl of Ultramel custard and Tennis biscuits!

What you need

  •  500 ml Ultramel Custard
  • 200 g Tennis biscuits
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 40 ml lemon juice

What to do

  •  Pour the condensed milk into a glass mixing bowl and slowly add the lemon juice, 10 ml at a time. Taste the mixture after every 10ml to ensure the mixture doesn’t become too sour.
  • Place a layer of tennis biscuits on the bottom of a glass oven dish.
  • Slowly add a layer of custard, using a spatula to spread it out gently; try not to disturb the biscuits.
  • Now add a second layer of Tennis biscuits over the custard.
  • Next, spread a thick layer of lemony condensed milk mixture over the biscuits.
  • Top with another layer of biscuits. Keep layering with alternating layers of custard, Tennis biscuits, and condensed milk until the dish is full.
  • Lastly, crush two Tennis biscuits and sprinkle the crumbles over the top.
  • Refrigerate the tart for 4-6 hours before serving.


In our search to prove the versatility of Ultramel custard, we found so many inspiring recipes. Did you know you could use it to create the ultimate Ultramel custard scones recipe or a decadent ultramel custard cheesecake? So, if you want to spoil that midnight custard thief in your life, why not nip to the shops for some Ultramel or whip up some homemade custard? Of course, we can’t guarantee it will keep them safely in bed dreaming of the next pud; it’s more likely to start a midnight custard ramage! However, it will certainly banish the homesick pangs for a little while.

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