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Want to step up your gardening? You need to read this first

By June 11, 2019October 5th, 2023FinGlobal

Want to step up your gardening? You need to read this first

June 11, 2019


Wherever you are living, June is an important time in the garden. If you are living in the northern hemisphere, you will be in the middle of summer and you might be wondering what to plant in June to enjoy your garden before autumn arrives. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, we will be looking at our winter June garden and planning for the upcoming spring. Here are some June gardening tips, based on the countries you are living in.


Gardening in South Africa or Australia


If you are living in South Africa or Australia you will be deep in the winter season and you’ve already reaped your spring garden and summer benefits. But your gardening is not over. If you want to make things easier for next spring, it’s important you put your garden to bed properly, so your garden is ready for the warmth that is coming in a few months time.


Clean up rotting and finished plants

Old plants don’t look attractive and can harbour disease and fungus. Removing old plants from your garden soil and burying them in your compost pile adds to the organic matter in your soil and prevents unwanted insects from laying eggs that could hatch in the spring and feed on your garden.


Plant cover plants

Now is a good time to plant cover plants that help prevent soil erosion and add nutrients to the soil. You can even consider planting legumes in your garden to increase the nutrients in your soil.


Prune perennials

Winter is the ideal time to trim your perennial garden plants. Deciduous trees will be bare, giving you plenty of opportunity to remove old and diseased growth or low branches to enhance their natural shape. Most annual and perennial seedlings are still ready for planting this month, so go crazy, especially with petunias, but watch out for aphids on young buds.


Spruce up your paths

Repair old paths by lifting your pavers and levelling with sand, use weed guard to prevent new weeds from growing in the spring. Lift your pebbles and clean the area of sticks and leaves and then repack them so they look fresh.


Gardening in Canada, Europe or America

By June all northern hemisphere gardens are in full throttle, burgeoning beautifully. Spring is a time filled with frenzy as gardeners work to get their plants in the ground, but don’t be tempted to sit back on your laurels in June. June is the time when you have to turn to the true aspects of gardening – looking after your plants to reap the rewards.


Feed and water your plants

Keep your new plants well watered and check your plants for nutrient deficiency. To make sure your plants are receiving all the nutrients possible, give your compost a turn and reapply your mulch on bare spots before weeds move in.


Look after trees and shrubs

If you want to prune or shear you evergreens, now is the time to do it as soon as your new growth turns to a darker green. Once our beautiful wisteria has finished blooming, do a maintenance prune to keep it in check.


Watch out for pests

Summer is the time for insects so check both sides of your plants’ leaves for eggs and nymphs. Look up in trees for nests of bagworms and keep an eye out for Japanese beetles – because they are back in June!



Prepare for hurricane season

If you are living in the USA along the Gulf Coast and Florida, prepare for hurricane season by keeping all dead limbs on your plants pruned.


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