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Relatives all over the world? Win 2 flight tickets to visit them or bring them to visit you!

By March 10, 2017October 3rd,

Relatives all over the world? Win 2 flight tickets to visit them or bring them to visit you!

March 10, 2017

One of the hardest things about being an expat is missing your relatives if they are still living back in your home country. For those relatives left behind, it is even more difficult, because they don’t have all the exciting distractions of a new country to take their minds off their loved ones’ absence.

As an international financial services provider, specialising in fund transfers for South Africans living offshore, we understand this. That’s why we are offering all our new clients the opportunity to win 2 tickets to visit anyone, anywhere in the world!

How to bring your relatives closer

Aside from seeing your relatives in person, there are a few things you can do in this digital age to help ease the pain of separation and distance. A top tip is to schedule a weekly Skype call with your relatives.

Take into consideration any time differences and choose a time convenient to both parties. You’ll be amazed at how it helps close the distance and ensures everyone receives the emotional support they need. WhatsApp is also a cheap way to communicate throughout the days and weeks and helps create the illusion your relatives are really close by.

Why is your preferred financial partner

FinGlobal (formerly know as is an international financial services provider specialising in fund transfers for South Africans living offshore.  No up-front payment is required and we are a licensed financial services provider and a Reserve Bank approved foreign exchange intermediary. Our services include:

  • Financial emigration
  • Pension, provident and preservation fund transfers
  • Retirement annuity transfers
  • Foreign exchange
  • Opening and closing of bank accounts
  • South African tax services
  • International financial planning
  • PPS advisory services
  • Inheritance and trust services
  • Policy searches, enquiries and amendments
  • Financial migration plans

Become an expat and retire in comfort

With so many expats retiring overseas, one of our top services is retirement annuity transfers. With this service, we assist South Africans living overseas to turn their retirement annuity policies into cash and we then transfer the funds to their new home. The good news is that this can happen even before you turn 55 and the funds can be used for any purpose – whether you want to purchase a new home or save a nest egg for later use.

With thousands of clients in over 105 countries, we’re widely recognised as South Africa’s leading financial migration brand and have assisted expats with retirement annuity transfers and many other migration services. In everything we do, we are proud to have a 100% success rate.

Enter today and you could soon be seeing your relatives!

Simply leave your contact details in the form below and we’ll contact you for a free consultation. On completion of this consultation, we’ll do a free assessment to determine which annuities qualify for encashment or what alternative services are available to you under your individual portfolio.

Following this assessment you’ll receive a quote and once this quote has been accepted you’ll automatically be entered into the draw. What’s more, you won’t owe us a penny until all our services to you have been successfully completed.

To enter the draw to win the tickets, you need to become a FinGlobal (formerly know as customer before the 30th June 2017. So don’t delay and you could soon be soon giving your relatives a welcoming hug!
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