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Five European destinations where you can get away from it all

By December 22, 2016October 3rd,

Five European destinations where you can get away from it all

December 22, 2016

Tired of the fast pace of city life and want to move your family and yourself to a country where you can enjoy an idyllic and safe quality of life, far away from the ‘madding crowd’? Then you might want to consider some of these remote destinations in Europe, which guarantee tranquility, peace and a far slower pace of life.

Getting away from it all – your European hideouts


Set off the southern coast of Italy, this sparsely populated island is the perfect getaway if you’re looking for forests, farms, rustic towns and local vineyards. Featuring both mountains and remote, secluded beaches, it has everything you need for long leisurely walks in the sunshine. You can also sample the delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine in any of the quaint villages, where the pace is slow and you can feast on everything from shellfish to pasta.


Hérault is situated in the South of France and is well-known for its Mediterranean beaches. Home to many quaint, rustic and historical villages, it offers expats scenic, almost untouched landscapes to be enjoyed at your leisure. This area is very popular with expats due to the good public transport system, which connects it to busier towns.


The province of Drenthe is situated in the northeast of the Netherlands and is largely a farming area. Featuring vast, flat heathlands it’s perfect for cycling and long walks.

Lauter Brunnen/Switzerland

Lauter Brunnen means “many fountains”, and as the area contains more than 72 waterfalls, it is aptly named. It’s the perfect place to hide away from the world with several small settlements like Wengen, Murren and Gimmelwald, which are only accessible by a gondola lift or by foot. Here you will find plenty of opportunities for outdoor walks, mountain biking, camping and hiking. If you want some space all to yourself, you just have to step outside your front door to be deep in the middle of nature.

The Black Forest/Germany

The Black Forest got its name from the plethora of evergreen trees that cover this mountainous region. With over 6000 square kilometres, it has all the wide-open spaces you need to enjoy everything from hiking to biking and fishing. Home to many popular towns including the famous Baden-Baden where you can enjoy thermal baths, it offers something to suit every taste – including 17 Michelin starred restaurants.

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