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South African emigrants and their PPS policies

By April 22, 2016July 25th, 2020PPS

South African emigrants and their PPS policies

April 22, 2016

South Africans who have relocated abroad often have several policies and assets left back home. Though they usually repatriate some of the funds offshore at some stage, they’re not always adept at understanding all the rules and regulations of offshore transfer and at a loss when trying to move these funds abroad.

One such fund which is often overlooked is the Professional Provident Society (PPS) policy.

What is PPS?

The Professional Provident Society (PPS) is the only mutual financial services company in South Africa with an exclusive focus on graduate professionals. They are an authorised financial services provider offering tailor-made insurance, investment and healthcare solutions for graduate professionals in South Africa.

Unlike companies listed on a stock exchange, PPS belongs to its members, which means members with qualifying PPS products have exclusive profit share in the PPS group. Each PPS policyholder is a shareholder and all profits and investment returns generated by the PPS Group are allocated to its qualifying members.

Do you hold policies with PPS?

If you’re a South African living abroad who holds policies with the PPS in South Africa, you need to consider the implications of these policies from an emigrant perspective.

There are, for instance, exchange control and other legislative regulations to consider – an area which could prove hazardous and a confusing terrain for the inexperienced individual or financial adviser. Fortunately, is the accredited PPS advisor for members of this service who have relocated abroad.

The PPS services can manage your PPS portfolio and ensure that your:

  • insurance cover and associated benefits are up to date and correctly positioned
  • South African claims are processed quickly and efficiently
  • investment component of your PPS portfolio is maximized and managed effectively
  • funds from a PPS source can flow freely offshore
More information about PPS

For more information about PPS, visit their website or download their free guides below:

Portfolio Choice Brochure

How to claim

Contact for your free PPS consultation

If you hold PPS investment products or are uncertain of the scope of your South African financial portfolio feel free to leave your details and one of our financial planners will contact you for a cost- and obligation free consultation.

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