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Emigrating from South Africa

By July 30, 2015October 10th, 2023Financial emigration

Emigrating from South Africa

July 30, 2015

As much as you’d hate to admit it – there have been tears. And not just from your wife (our lips are sealed though, don’t you worry). You never thought you’d be leaving this place behind, let alone come to terms with terms like pension fund transfers, financial emigration and dealing with dearest SARS from a place even more inaccessible than their own offices.

The fear of inaccessibility with emigration

Indeed, the greatest fear most of us face when considering offshore relocation, is that of inaccessibility.

We wonder – will they sell Mrs Ball’s at the local grocer round the corner? Will people even understand the concept of biltong? How will you talk to your loved ones while Eskom sheds its load and how on earth will you teach your kid to blow the vuvuzela à la diski style. And, of course, you’ve stopped counting the nights you’ve spent pondering how you’ll get your Rands into your foreign pocket.

You tell yourself you’re just being dramatic, but really – you’re not. This is a big move, and it warrants some big emotions.

It’s the gap between the place you called home and the place you will call home. It’s a gap between past and present, known and unknown. It’s a gap between being sure about yourself, and the workings of the roads, the banks, the schools and the social structures that govern a life you have not yet lived.

And sometimes, just sometimes, this fear becomes a bit overwhelming.

Life by Occam’s Razor

One way to approach this big leap is by applying the principle of Occam’s Razor. According to this principle, while trying to grasp or explain a concept, one should not make more assumptions than are necessary. In short – don’t complicate things.

Though this rule is applied mostly in business, quantum mechanics and science, it’s a smart way to approach all aspects of your life. This principle will help drown out the noise that distracts you and shed some of the unnecessary stress that burdens your life. It means eliminating possibilities which are merely there to complicate your life.

This doesn’t mean these big decisions don’t warrant careful consideration – but simplifying the process and eliminating all the variables comes down to three things:

  • trusting your instincts – you know what’s best
  • doing your research – don’t make any decisions blind
  • talking to the experts – consult property, recruitment and financial experts like (*wink-wink*) before embarking on your journey.

If you require help with financial emigration, let us help you.

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