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Financial emigration can be simple with our help

By July 10, 2015October 6th, 2023Financial emigration

Financial emigration can be simple with our help

July 10, 2015

One of the greatest things about being South African is being part of the country’s vibrant, melting pot of cultures. From impromptu braais to sports team rivalry, South African culture attracts millions of visitors worldwide every year. Combined with the warmth and character of its residents, many are proud to call it home.

As enjoyable as it might be living in South Africa, opportunities beckon some of its citizens to move to other countries. Whether it is a work opportunity or a chance to travel, many South Africans are building new homes across the globe.

As travelling becomes easier and more affordable, South Africans are finally able to expand their horizons and share the culture with the rest of the world. Airlines are making it cheaper to fly abroad, shipping services are making it simpler to relocate overseas and now, moving money from South Africa offshore has become convenient.

Financial emigration made easy

Thanks to, financial emigration is an easy, convenient process that South Africans can use to transfer funds to other countries. The once complicated, expensive process has been simplified to allow the moving of retirement annuities, pensions, long-term investments and other funds affordably.
Young professionals can take advantage of services to transfer their retirement annuities in South Africa to wherever they choose to settle; regardless of age, these investment funds can be released without having to wait until you are 55.

In addition to pension funds and retirement annuities, travelers can also transfer inheritance, funds from a third party life policy and proceeds of other South African based assets. You can even take your passive income from rent, trusts, dividends, director’s fees and so much more.
South African expatriates worried about foreign exchange rates decreasing the value of their funds should talk to the experts at; they offer impressive rates and free exchange control advice from their team of experts.

Financial emigration is convenient

To make the process of moving money from South Africa offshore even more convenient, financial migration experts can change your status from financial resident to financial non-resident. This requires approval by the South African Reserve Bank which, when granted, allows you to freely move your funds quickly and conveniently.

Those travelling to remote countries will be glad to know that has successfully transferred funds to 105 countries to date. Whether you are moving to a major world city or a tropical island, your funds can be made available wherever you are.

Freedom is the underlying principle of South African culture. Freedom to travel. Freedom to explore. Freedom to be financially uninhibited. There are some things a South African will and should not give up – culture and the freedom to access their hard-earned money. With help from financial emigration services, you can be financially free in any country you want to be.

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