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Don’t lose grip of your family’s wealth in South Africa!

By April 23, 2015October 9th, 2023Financial emigration

Don’t lose grip of your family’s wealth in South Africa!

April 23, 2015

Imagine if you will. You’re a South African family living in Sydney, Texas, London, Ontario or Auckland. Mom, Dad and kids – all happily settled in new home, new schools with new friends. Life is great!

You’re now an international family but may well be holding retirement investments and other assets back in South Africa.

Unless you’ve gone through the financial emigration process you’re probably holding retirement annuities, preservation funds, inheritances and other financial assets in South Africa, in which case you could be exposed to a host of challenges that are out of your control.

If you, or your children, were born in South Africa – from an exchange control point of view, you’re still a South African resident – which means you can’t transfer your South African inheritances to your new home country. An unexpected death of one or both parents may leave the children with the headache of moving their inheritance from South Africa!

The solution? If you’ve decided to live abroad, why not financially emigrate from South Africa. After financial emigration you are free to cash-in your retirement annuities and inheritances and move the money offshore as you please.

The result? You’re a Citizen of the World and at liberty to invest wherever you please with the prospect of your investments providing a real return to never be subjected to exchange rate depreciation again!

To put into perspective what your retirement investment and family inheritance is worth in your local currency ask for your free personal South African financial report today to unlock and move your South African wealth abroad.


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