A fin24 report of 24 September 2006 quoted one million South Africans left the country “in the past ten years” – what the report failed to mention was the value in retirement annuities left behind. In those days there were no options …

Two years after the report things for expats changed for the better – since then amended legislation affords emigrants the opportunity to transfer their retirement annuity funds offshore, even before the controlled retirement age 55.

The fact of the matter: a large portion of expats from this era is now approaching retirement age and have retirement investments with their name on it back in South Africa.

Some expats are aware of these investments and they’ll be thinking ‘how to’ access and transfer their funds offshore. Many expats are unaware of the fact and for them too there’s money waiting at the end of the rainbow!

finglobal.com offers solutions – to both the aware and unaware – to move their money offshore. Safe, simple and secure means to, 1: establish the value of retirement funds available for transfer, 2: whether indeed you are due funds of which you’re not aware of and 3: how you can cost effectively transfer these funds offshore.

finglobal.com is an authorised South African financial services provider.FSP #42872.

The company has assisted more than 3000 expats living in 75 countries to successfully transfer their South African pensions offshore. For more information: www.finglobal.com 

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