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Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

Expat insights

Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

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Emigrating? Don’t forget your tax obligations in South Africa when you leave!

When you relocate from South Africa, many concerns can be left behind – high crime levels, load shedding and the ...

Emigration 101: What you need to know about the export of Krugerrand coins when you leave South Africa

When planning your emigration, you’ve probably already considered things like relocating your pets, moving your furniture, packing your belongings and ...

Merry Christmas to family far away

As the year draws to a close, many eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas. While often associated with gifts and ...

Chef Jan van Der Westhuizen’s hertzoggie recipe with a delicious twist

If you're a fan of traditional South African desserts, then you've probably heard of Hertzoggies. This sweet treat has been ...

The traditional South African 7 colours dish: A taste of culture and history

The cultural diversity of South Africa is reflected not only in its people, but also in its cuisine. One dish ...

South African tax news: Yanga Mputa, South Africa’s first female Tax Omud

South Africa has made history by appointing Yanga Mputa as the country's first female Tax Ombud. This significant milestone reflects ...

SARS: New developments regarding South African expats.

South Africans living abroad are facing a significant shift in procedures from the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This change ...

Delicious rooibos tea cocktails await!

If you're looking for a unique, refreshing drink to try, look no further than the rooibos tea cocktail. The South ...

Taxing matters: a guide to understanding South African tax residency for expats

Many South Africans think that the act of physical emigration is sufficient to sever all ties with their home country ...

Top reasons South Africans living abroad consider tax emigration

Emigration numbers from South Africa are on the rise as more people seek to start afresh overseas. However, emigrating from ...

South African Baked Lemon Sago Pudding Recipe

Get ready to add a new, flavourful twist to a beloved South African dessert - Baked Lemon Sago Pudding! This ...

Ask an expert: FinGlobal’s most frequently asked questions, answered

Permanently relocating from South Africa to another country is a huge, life-altering decision that triggers a complex web of logistical ...

How are residents and non-residents taxed in South Africa?

South Africa has a residence-based tax system, in which residents are taxed on their worldwide income, irrespective of where their ...

How much money can I take out of South Africa when I emigrate and thereafter?

One of the most important aspects of planning for your international relocation is laying the groundwork to move your money ...
trust-distributions to-beneficiaries-south-africa

Updates to the rules on transfer of income and capital distributions from inter vivos trusts

In the past, exchange control policy relating to distributions from an inter vivos trust were complex and restrictive, which meant ...

Top three best destination countries for South Africans to set up an offshore company

Thinking about taking your business global? It's a big decision, with lots of options to consider. When it comes to ...

Jan hendrik van Der Westhuizen recipe: South African Christmas dessert

Christmas is a special time of year around the world, with each country having its own unique way of celebrating ...

Ouvrou onder die kombers recipe

Cabbage and meatballs, a humble yet satisfying pairing, are cherished in diverse cultures across the globe. From South Africa, where ...

Emigrated from SA? How to deregister from SARS income tax

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the tax obligations of South Africans living abroad. Some people think that simply ...

How to transfer money from a South African testamentary trust to offshore beneficiaries

Cross-border inheritances can feel complicated. That’s why we’re stripping away all the legal jargon and discussing testamentary trusts in straightforward ...

The facts about testamentary trusts in South Africa with offshore beneficiaries

Last month on our blog, we covered inter vivos trusts and what they’re used for, while taking a look at ...