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Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

Expat insights

Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

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Loop structures – what South Africans need to know

Historically loop structures were not permitted in terms of the South African exchange control regulations. In terms of Exchange Control ...

Easy Bobotie Frikadelle Recipe: A Taste of South Africa

If you're a fan of traditional South African cuisine, chances are you've come across the Bobotie and Frikadelle recipe. Today, ...

Long-Distance Parenting Tips: Keeping Connected with Your Expat Child

Moving abroad and leaving parents behind can have a significant impact on both the emigrant adult child and their parents ...

Caitlin Rooskrantz: relishing the opportunity to represent South Africa at the Olympics

Caitlin Rooskrantz, a South African artistic gymnast, has been making waves in the international gymnastics scene. The young athlete from ...

South African expats living abroad can now register online to vote in 2024 elections

Good news! South Africans living and working abroad now have a greater chance at participating in their home country’s electoral ...

What do you need to know about FICA compliance in South Africa once you’re an expat

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (FICA) was implemented in South Africa to combat financial crimes, including money ...

How to make an easy Biltong box DIY style

Biltong, a delicious dried meat snack from South Africa, has gained worldwide popularity worldwide. However, locating high-quality biltong at an ...

Reasons to consider executing a power of attorney prior to emigrating or travelling

If you are planning to emigrate or travel for an extended period, it is important to consider signing a power ...

Important documents and requirements for transferring money before and after leaving South Africa

Although leaving South Africa permanently is an exciting, life-altering decision, your emigration isn’t complete when your flight touches down on ...

The authentic flavor of Cape Malay chicken curry

Food plays a vital role in experiencing different cultures. South Africa, with its diverse culinary offerings, has a standout dish: ...
trust distributions to beneficiaries south africa

Can a South African trust make a capital distribution to an offshore trust? The answer might surprise you.

Trusts have been used in South Africa since the 1800s, and became a popular way to manage assets, given that ...

Limits on international money transfers out of South Africa – what you need to know

Although the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has relaxed exchange control rules significantly in the past few years in order ...

Famous South African young female singers: Tyla Seethal

Amapiano is a relatively new genre of music that has taken the world by storm. Originating in South Africa, this ...

Planning to emigrate from South Africa? Here’s what you need to know about tax

If you've decided to take the bold step of emigrating from South Africa, it's a good idea to consider the ...

6 things you probably didn’t know about transferring your South African RA funds to another country

By now, like most people, you probably already know that retirement annuities are one of the most tax efficient ways ...

Cape Malay sauce: a flavorful twist on traditional curry

Curry, a beloved dish enjoyed worldwide for centuries, has its roots in India. Created to preserve food and enhance flavor, ...

Plan B: Exploring Alternate Destinations for South Africans Looking to Move Abroad

As the cost of living continues to rise in many traditional expat destinations, like the United Kingdom and Australia, South ...

Bunny Chow on the braai: A South African delight

The bunny chow, also known as a "bunny" or "chow", is a popular street food in South Africa that has ...

Hot question: my spouse works overseas, what are the implications for expat double taxation?

As the cost of living in South Africa continues to soar, it’s becoming an increasingly common scenario: one spouse remains ...

Leaving the rainbow nation: what you need to know about tax residency and expat tax planning

It’s an exciting thing - getting a job overseas or deciding to emigrate to settle in a new country. As ...

Will I be taxed in SA and in my new country of residence if I transfer funds abroad?

As a South African who has recently emigrated and is now working and living abroad, it may take you some ...