South African expat? FinGlobal can convert your South African retirement annuity to cash and make the funds available to you.

Or find out about the new tax law changes on financial emigration effective from 1 March 2021.

We’ve helped more than 60 000 clients in 105 countries!

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Who is FinGlobal?

As South Africa’s first financial emigration company, we assist South African expats to unlock and transfer their funds globally. We’ve helped more than 60 000 clients in 105 countries.

Everything we do is fully compliant and adheres to SARS and SARB regulations, giving your financial peace of mind.

Our Services

Financial Emigration from South Africa

Financial emigration (also known as formal emigration) means your status, for exchange control purposes with the South African Reserve Bank, changes from resident to non-resident. Financial emigration does not change your South African citizenship. Once a South African, always a South African.

South African Retirement Annuities

As a South African expat you can turn your retirement annuity into cash and transfer the funds to your new country of residence even before the age of 55. Tax legislation changes in 2008 allow South Africans living abroad to transfer their retirement annuity proceeds.

South African Tax Refund

Make sure all your South African Tax affairs are in order. We assist with tax refunds and claims to get your South African tax record up to date and stay abreast of local and international tax legislation.

Foreign Exchange

We assist with money transfers to and from South Africa at the most competitive rates and are fully compliant with exchange control regulations.

FinGlobal is a proud partner of Bidvest Financial Services and a licensed South African Financial Services Provider (FSP # 42872).

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