With cashkows.com being well known the world over, the time has come for us to grow into a new brand called FinGlobal.

Same services as cashkows.com, just a different name and logo.

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Licensed South African Financial Services Provider FSP # 42872

Retirement annuities

Convert to cash and transfer to a bank near you. Simple. Safe. Secure.

Free financial report

Compliant transfer out of South Africa, whatever your circumstances

Cash in RA

Transfer funds from a South African pension to a UK pension and profit

Foreign Exchange

A complete solution for secure overseas forex transfers

Tax Services

Expert advice; refunds; clearance certificates; annual returns;

Financial Emigration

The difference between emigration and immigration explained

A South African legacy come to fruition

Cashkows.com was founded in 2009 and opened its doors to the public in 2010 with a staff complement of three and a single offering – the transfer of retirement annuities from South Africa abroad.

Over the past years the company has grown exponentially. Cashkows continually augmented our services, reached out to South Africans in new jurisdictions and our company grew in numbers to over 60 employees.

The quirky name and brand was something which undoubtedly set us apart from competitors and other financial services providers. With a client base outside South African borders, the company wanted to assure our clients, from the first touchpoint, that we shared their roots, were down to earth and empathetic to their needs.

New horizons with a new brand

With our brand now well-established in the hearts and minds of South Africans the world over, cashkows.com took pause and considered the future. Following feedback from clients, employees, affiliates and stakeholders, the company’s strategy for the next few years was established – and among other things a fresh, globally competitive brand was the suggested.

Cashkows.com made way for FinGlobal – a cross-border financial services company with a worldwide footpring.

In addition to a brand refresh which saw us adopt a new logo, sport new brand colours and bear a professional new name, cashkows.com saw the need for a company restructure.

Reaching new frontiers

Our company restructure is aimed at aligning our services and teams to better serve the end-user. Though the cashkows.com team has undoubtedly functioned as a top-notch business to date, our vision of reaching new territories called for even better alignment of talent, knowledge, systems and processes to serve our clientele of the future, while maintaining our close relationships with existing clients.

FinGlobal ushers in a new era of financial services for South AFricans the world over. Internally, our resilient staff have had to move some desks and swap some chairs, but other than that, our clients can rest assured that none of these changes will affect the impeccable service they’ve come to expect from cashkows.com. The ownership as well as the financial services provider registration number remains unchanged with the Financial Services Board.

From cashkows.com to FinGlobal it’s business as usual, but a business which will continue getting better, smarter, faster and more affordable for our people around the globe.

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