When it comes to choosing a partner to help you with your cross-border financial requirements, it’s important to choose one that works – and one that works for you.


When it comes to choosing a partner to help you with your cross-border financial requirements, it’s important to choose one that works – and one that works for you.

What amazing service all the way though. So knowledgeable and helped me out so much whilst making me feel at ease Roslinn Marais is a credit to the company I got a 5-start service from her a promotion/pay rise is 100% needed as she’s such a great asset to your company. Many thanks again FinGlobal very happy customer.


The team at FinGlobal is super friendly and super efficient and gets the job done, even with a complex situation. Thank you!


All the people at FinGlobal I have dealt with have been very friendly and helpful. Even with the March 2021 changes to financial emigration and transfer of funds abroad, they adapted to the changes required, and achieved what was required. I would be happy to recommend them to friends and family.

EddieUnited Kingdom

I used FinGlobal to financially emigrate from South Africa to Germany – I really recommend this company. They were friendly, professional and I believe good value for the amount of hassle they saved me. What makes this a 5-star review for me, is that they kept supporting me with info, long after the process was finished and the bills paid. Special shout-out to Lizé for her help. Thanks to all!


Recently FinGlobal “rescued” funds from a matured retirement annuity which I had unsuccessfully attempted to retrieve through other means for more than a year. I was ready to “give up” but a friend recommended FinGlobal. FinGobal exceeded my expectations. I have never experienced such a high standard of service in the financial service sector. Five out of 5 stars are insufficient to rate FinGlobal’s service. From my initial contact with Linka, all the service representatives including Kaylee, Andrea, Marlene, Suzanne, and Cecilia did an amazingly efficient job. In addition to being efficient, they were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. FinGlobal’s use of technology, including its customer online portal, was impressive. FinGlobal fees are very reasonable and worth every cent. Kudos to the FinGlobal team. FinGlobal is a model for other companies to emulate! I will recommend FinGlobal to whoever may require the services that FinGlobal provides.


I would highly recommend FinGlobal to anyone. They will demystify the new expatriate 2020 tax laws, help with getting your funds transferred out of South Africa, and assist with your tax exit. The FinGlobal team – Bianka, Tanya, Philicia, Julian, Ilse, Hano, and Pieter, are all extremely professional and efficient. Communication throughout the process is further improved by FinGlobal’s self-service web portal where one can easily navigate and follow your own journey/progress. Thanks again to all the staff at FinGlobal.


Their service is extremely professional. Every step is explained to you in detail. I would recommend FinGlobal to anyone anywhere in the world. They will get your funds transferred out of South Africa without any problems. Once again to all the staff at FinGlobal, THANK YOU!


From our very first contact we had with FinGlobal, we knew that this is a trustworthy and professional company. They had a lot of “ground work” to do to get all my documents in order so that I could receive all my funds that were due to me. We would like to thank ALL the staff at FinGlobal for their hard work.

Neville & ThereneAustralia

I found FinGlobal ticked ALL the good boxes. Although my retirement policy was of a pretty low value, unlike other financial services companies providing similar services, and who turned down my request because the value was too low, FinGlobal accepted leading me to believe they cared and weren’t just in it for the cash. Throughout the process FinGlobal for me was the perfect company of choice. Highly professional, excellent communication throughout the procedure. I highly recommend FinGlobal for anyone who requires getting their funds out of SA.

CliffordUnited Kingdom

When I decided to do a financial emigration from South Africa, I stumbled onto FinGlobal after searching for about two weeks for help. This was one of those days that you will always remember. The FinGlobal team was to say the least, an incredible group of people and I felt if they really cared about me and my situation. I will always recommend them.


WOW, what a fantastic experience with FinGlobal. I have been trying to get my money out of South Africa for almost 15 years now. Every time I tried to do it on my own there was always some sort of obstacle. I was a little hesitant to pay the fees associated with the service, but the experience was worth every single penny. I never had to re-iterate my experience twice, everyone guided me along the stringent steps required and everyone was patient will all my questions. The guidance was very specific to my situation and they made it as stress-free as possible. I haven’t had good service like this for a long time. It was out of this world and I would recommend FinGlobal to any South African living abroad looking to retrieve your financial assets. Definitely worth FIVE stars! Thank you to the whole team!

FrancaNew Zealand

Couldn’t have completed my financial emigration without the help of the FinGlobal team. They were quick, professional and always kept me in the loop with what was going on. Highly recommend for anyone looking to complete their financial emigration.

AlexUnited Kingdom

FinGlobal staff were absolutely wonderful from the beginning of the process, right through to the end! I cannot speak highly enough regarding the quality of service we received and would unreservedly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you very much for all your help!


Service was outstanding and they were extremely professional!


I found services rendered by FinGlobal to be of a high standard. Every person and department that I dealt with were friendly, efficient and responsive. Very professional service that I would recommend to my friends and family.


I am fortunate enough to be in the capable hands of Charlotte Ferreira, Sulette Lange, and Jason Jansen. These folks are true professionals as well as friendly and very helpful. They go beyond working office hours and take work home and carry on from there. I would like to extend my grateful appreciation as FinGlobal is fortunate to have these professionals working for them. A BIG thank you, as well as being great communicators, it is very much appreciated.


Ryno, I received a mail from Verline last evening asking me to complete some details which I duly did, as per the previous correspondence you and I had. I have given her the okay to do the transfer to my best advantage. Again, thank you, Ryno, your company has done a great job for me and I do appreciate it. Much success in 2021!


My experience with FinGlobal has been nothing but exceptional! Typically, I dislike attending to financial matters because I am a risk-averse person, and I always feel pressurised. FinGlobal recognises that the services they offer often require deep consideration and have a highly emotional component for the client. They are patient, reassuring and truly act from an advisory/consultation perspective (instead of a sales perspective). FinGlobal employees across departments instill a high degree of confidence due to: highly skilled and knowledgeable employees equipped to answer my questions; professional, prompt, and reliable communications and actions; and user-friendly applications and digital platforms. 5-star!


FinGlobal has been so helpful and efficient in arranging my emigration. I am still in the process of completing this, but my experience so far has been as stress-free as it could be and I feel confident everything is in good hands. Thank you, Charlotte, Christelle.

TanyaUnited Kingdom

Amazing service during an especially trying year. All the ladies that assisted me were friendly, helpful, and fantastic. This service is expensive but if one has no plans to return to SA anytime sooner it does work out cheaper than a ticket home etc.


The team at FinGlobal are fantastic! Very professional but yet understanding and caring. They never give up! Thank you again.


FinGlobal helped us to financially emigrate thie year, 14 years after we emigrated to Canada. We found them very professional and responsive from our first contact until the financial process was completed. They did all the work and were worth every cent. This all happens during the first phase of the Covid pandemic. We can highly recommend their services.


Awesome service! What seemed like a very huge process (financial immigration) was handled professionally by FinGlobal. Every step was explained and I received my money in my Australian bank account without hidden costs. Thank you to the whole team at FinGlobal.


FinGlobal acted both professionally and rapidly in assisting with my SARS changes and queries. I highly recommend their services.

GaryUnited Kingdom

I needed to have my SA Pension paid out without having a SARS number. Lizé and Charlotte have been amazing in making everything happen. FinGlobal have an amazingly easy approach – very professional (and seamless) yet very friendly and understanding. Well done ladies!

RodNew Zealand

I was moved to write a review following the amazing support and service from FinGlobal. Every single person I dealt with was professional, friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient. And this was through lockdown! Really impressed and highly recommend them.

DaleUnited Kingdom

Professional and prompt service from the staff. My journey with FinGlobal is an excellent customer experience and every step is explained perfectly if it be via email or over the telephone. What I thought would be a headache to financially emigrate, was actually a real pleasure. I would have attempted doing this long ago if I knew this would be the support I will be receiving. Thank you FinGlobal!

NatashaUnited Kingdom

The whole journey from start to end was absolutely amazing. We had our customer service representative, Ronique Hoffman who dealt with everthing from start to finish and no task was too big or small. 10 outta 10 – would use again!

RoganUnited Kingdom

Exceptional service and resolution of my financial immigration. Definitely recommend using FinGlobal if you want to have all the administration and processes done quickly and easily.


Seldom do you get that service that is reflected in the advertisement! However, in the case of FinGlobal, they exceeded all my expectations in being able to get my complex financial affairs sorted, including a retro-tax bill paid and then the funds deposited into my account. I can’t recommend them enough – just amazing!

PeterUnited Kingdom

Many thanks for all your hard work in sorting out my financial emigration. Your services were very professionally executed and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people in need of such. My best wishes to you all for the future.

VernonNew Zealand

We would like to thank FinGlobal for helping us every step of the way and moving our funds to the UK. We would highly recommend then – very professional and efficient.

SarahUnited Kingdom

I am very happy with the way FinGlobal handled the transfer of my funds. Their professionalism, knowledge, and communication skills were exceptional. Thank you to Lizé for your patience and guidance every step of the way. All the other members were also a pleasure to deal with.


As an expat living abroad, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your effiency, honesty and professionalism in getting a policy that I was unable to get paid out. I could not have done it without your help. Thank you once again. Sincerely.


I highly recommend FinGlobal for your financial emigration needs. The staff is all super friendly, professional, and efficient. They facilitated our money affairs remotely as speedily as possible, (even during the current COVID 19 epidemic). They dealt with paperwork and funds transfers for both my husband and I, from South Africa to the UK. They flagged any potential problems ahead of time, advising us well so that we could receive the most out of it. Everything went very smoothly as we were kept informed and guided through the process from start to finish by email, via their online portal and also face to face meetings online. Well worth their fees.


Professional and efficient! They made the entire process of financial emigration seamless. I would highly recommend using their service. They set the standard in so many ways.

StevenUnited Kingdom

I personally attempted to have two matured retirement annuities paid out, but after a mountain of completed forms and hitting several stumbling blocks, including no feedback from people, I was at a point where I was ready to just let everthing be. It was too difficult and stressful! I found FinGLobal online and right from the first point of conatct, I was amazed by the professional, friendly and efficient staff and service. They made a daunting process effortless and I cannot thank Christelle, Andrea and Ilse enough! Definitely a Five Star company and will gladly recommend to anyone!

CarolNew Zealand

It was an awesome experience dealing with a team of professionals who wanted to assist. For all those people not sure if it is worth doing it through FinGlobal, I can highly recommend them and the service they provide.

HardusNew Zealand

If only all companies would operate in the efficient, professional and friendly manner that FinGlobal does. They set the standard in so many ways.

PhilUnited Kingdom

FinGlobal has handled my recent financial emigration from SA to NZ in the most professional and proficient manner. The process included cashing in two retirement policies that had matured. Lizé was extremely patient right from the start and did her utmost to alleviate my stress and concerns. In the past, I have made the mistake of transferring funds myself and the stress was insane! Thank you to EVERYONE at FinGlobal for your assistance and guidance. I would have zero hesitation in recommending FinGlobal and Bidvest. Thanks again.

SandraNew Zealand

I wish to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you, Fanie, the leader of this formidable pack, Linka, Theresa, Doanne and Roxanne for ALL the hard work you did on our behalf. I am even sure there were so many additional people behind the scenes that had some finger in this very confusing pie (for me at least) and to make our financial emigration the success it has been so far. Your team took the sting (and perhaps even the stink) out of FINANCIAL EMIGRATION. Was it not for Mia, our Financial Emigration may have been a lot more stressful. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Your caring and sensitive nature helped us through this very confusing time. Every time I finished speaking to you, I felt content, calm, relaxed and so satisfied and happy that FinGlobal is on our side. A simple thank you is not enough for what you have done so far and will continue to do. May God bless you, your house, your business, and your team. This is an A-Team I am happy to be associated with. You lead a fair dinkum business and a fair dinkum team. We salute you!!

Corney & TaniaAustralia

Absolutely fantastic service from FinGlobal – I would recommend them to anyone wanting to transfer their funds from South Africa. I was initially sceptical about them being able to help me as my case was complicated. However the entire process was seamless from start to finish. Every team member was helpful and efficient. Hats off to Hano and the staff, especially Tercia and Kim.

AntonyUnited Kingdom

Excellent personalized service by knowledgeable and helpful people who are dedicated to providing you with accurate information and assisting you with making the best choices based your particular situation. Impressively fast response time. Highly recommended!

Ansie CaponCanada

Finglobal assisted me in getting my Retirement Annuity from South Africa paid out into my UK account. Ilse and all the others I dealt with were so friendly and efficient from my first dealings with them until finalisation. I would not hesitate to recommend Finglobal to anyone.

ArleneUnited Kingdom

Thank you for all of your assistance in finalising my financial emigration. I highly recommend your professional services and would not have been able to do this without your expert advice and services.

IainUnited Kingdom

All the people I’ve dealt with were friendly and 110% professional. They do what they promise and all transactions are transparent from the beginning to the end!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for the EXCELLENT service I received dealing with your company. A huge THANK YOU to you all for assisting me in such an efficient and professional manner. I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend FinGlobal’s services.

Dawn Mauritius

FinGlobal is awesome! Professional, friendly and efficient. Thanks for the outstanding service Team!


Our experience with FinGlobal was excellent from start to finish. We were guided right through the process. There was an expert to help us at every stage. Nothing was too difficult. We highly recommend them!


I recently engaged the services of Finglobal and had the pleasure of dealing with Lize. She is a credit to your organization and is a consummate professional. Polite, organised and kept me informed along the way. Lize was prompt with her responses and called whenever necessary to talk me through the process. The rest of the team that I engaged with were equally professional as well. I sent online enquiries to several companies but by far FinGlobal were prompt and I received clear and relevant guidance to my set of circumstances.


Many thanks to all of you ladies for your hard work and assistance you provided. The cost for me was WELL worth it – you guys literally did everything for me which made the entire process one of the easiest parts of my entire emigration process.


Again thank you all for the excellent service I received from you once more, it was a pleasure to work with you and I will definitely recommend you to all my SA friends who wants to use similar services. I have only received professional and efficient service from you for all my financial needs and maybe in the future I will call on you again regarding financial emigration. Much appreciated.


Thank you for all your time and effort. It has been a pleasure doing business with you guys and I will recommend you to others that need that type of service.


Although starting from a slightly sceptical viewpoint, I have actually been incredibly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of all the FinGLobal staff that I have come into contact with. I have already sent recommendations to people who may have use of your company’s skills.

Stuart United Kingdom

I am eternally grateful to all those at FinGlobal for all their input in getting to this day. You are all amazing and I will spread the word among my friends this side of the globe. Just know how grateful I am for FinGlobal’s help in dealing with all this. You are all professionals and amazing.


Our transfer has now been completed, and the money is in our bank account. We would like to thank you and your team for making this all happen with such efficiency.

ErrolNew Zealand

Net ‘n baie groot dankie vir die professionele diens wat ek ontvang het van al die wonderlike Suid-Afrikaners by FinGlobal wat op my pad gekom het gedurende die proses. Julle het almal puik diens gelewer langs die pad en altyd die vrae met spoed geantwoord om die uitkoms so gou moontlik te kry. Baie dankie en ek sal jul diens beslis bemark hier in die vreemde as ek die geleentheid kry. Alles van die beste vir jul almal en vir jul besigheid.

JohanNew Zealand

We just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing service that you all gave us through Rob’s Pension process. We shall definitely be referring FinGlobal to our fellow South Africans around the world. All the very best and thanks again!

Rob & Janice United Kingdom

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jason, Werner and Mia for all you did for me. This is the first time that I have had such professional, precise and dedication from a Financial Institution. Thank you guys for everything. I wish you all the best going forward. I will definitely advise family and friends to use FinGlobal.


Ek wil graag van die geleentheid gebruik maak om dankie te sê vir die uiters vriendelike, geduldige en baie professionele diens wat ons tydens ‘n video konferensie afspraak met Werner Kriel gekry het. Werner kon al ons vrae rondom emigrasie na Ierland beantwoord en het baie goeie raad rondom ons pensioenfonds ook gegee. Wanneer ons besluit om te emigreer sal ons beslis van FinGlobal en Werner se dienste gebruik maak.


Anyone battling to get your pension fund or any other fund from South Africa? Use this group of people – they are the best!


Excellent service! With their help and support! I would recommend it!


Helped us financially emigrate back to the UK after 25+ years in beautiful South Africa. First class service, very professional. Glad we chose FinGlobal (Cashkows as it was when we started).

RhysUnited Kingdom

FinGlobal is an incredible company and more so the people who work here are amazing – they are friendly, helpful, efficient, incredibly resourceful / knowledgeable and believe me, can move mountains!!! You definitely outshine the 5 stars we are limited to give on google! Thank you all again so so much for the service you provided for us and for your ongoing service to the larger community.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your assistance in getting me my retirement payment from South Africa. I tried to do this with other companies in SA for over a year but they failed. You guys are a great team and I will be sure to pass this on to all my friends who may need similar assistance.


11/10 & A++ If you get a score like this. THE best; helpful, experienced, professional, amazing and and and. If you don’t use them, there is something wrong with you. Thank you Hermanus Team. Keep up the good work!

Hanneke & RiaanAustralia

I can only reiterate what my wife said, in that, we could not have completed this without FinGlobal, and for that, we will always be grateful. We wish you all well for the future.


We would like to thank FinGlobal very much for your efficient service. It was an easy and smooth process. We will definitely be in touch again.

Mitch & SueAustralia

Baie dankie aan almal vir die absolute puik diens wat Finglobal aan ons verskaf het. Dit is verstommend om deesdae nog ‘n maatskappy te kry wat op julle vlak presteer!

Gerhard & LindaSpain

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for all your efforts in assisting with the vast amount of administrative paperwork over the last 2 months in regard to having my funds transferred from South Africa. You offer a truly exceptional service and I will continue to recommend you and the company to every expat I come across. Many thanks once again.

RichardUnited Kingdom

Thank you very much FinGlobal (previously cashkows) for your excellent service. I tried to perform my transaction through my normal bank, who seemed incapable of understanding my request. Thanks to FinGlobal (previously cashkows), this has now been an easy and efficient process.


I just wanted to say thank you very much to the cashkows team for organising the release of my Retirement Annuity. I really thought this was going to be a very painful process but was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely recommend your services to other people.


I am so pleased and impressed with the service from FinGlobal (previously cashkows)! I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to other South African expatriates.


I’m now living in Ireland and approached FinGlobal (previously cashkows) to help me with my financial emigration process, as this can be a very painful thing to attempt on your own. FinGlobal (previously cashkows) took care of everything, keeping me updated every step of the way. They made sure I had all the relevant paperwork filled out correctly, followed up with all parties from SARS to my bank to my R.A. I am extremely happy with the efficient and friendly service I received from FinGlobal (previously cashkows), and would happily recommend them to any South African expats. Thank you for taking the pain out of my emigration experience.


This is the third time I’ve received excellent service from FinGlobal (previously cashkows) – you guys are amazing, thanks for your professional assistance.


The FinGlobal (previously cashkows) team did an amazing job getting my financial migration sorted. I had my doubts, but FinGlobal (previously cashkows) delivered.


Yes, it’s for real. A proper, efficient, first world service from the (not so sleepy any more!) dorp of Hermanus. They will sort you out. Well done, and thank you.

Paul Isle of Man

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