Planning to emigrate from South Africa

Financial solutions for South Africans who are planning on emigrating or who have already started the process.

Financial services for South Africans relocating abroad

For South Africans who are planning on emigrating or who have already started the process, FinGlobal offers comprehensive financial solutions which will assist them in tying up financial affairs in South Africa, establishing their offshore financial portfolios or managing a portfolio across country borders.


Our foreign exchange services

Tax compliance/refunds

Tax compliance and tax refunds


SA non-resident bank accounts

South African non-resident bank accounts

Financial planning

Our financial planning services

Policy surrender

Our policy/investment surrender services

SA/UK pension transfer

South Africa/United Kingdom pension transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide premier financial migration services to South African expats the world over. The fact that you’ve left the country doesn’t mean you’re alone. We’re here to help you, no matter what…

I have money and assets in SA. Can FinGlobal provide me with a proposal to transfer the proceeds abroad as and when I liquidate them?

Yes, we provide you with a free financial report that details the actual surrender values of your policies along with an estimate of the tax payable upon surrender.  We then evaluate each client’s unique cash flow requirements and their list of assets to provide them with a solution that will fit their needs.
We offer a full range of in-house services to:

  • Surrender policies
  • Complete all Tax services
  • Complete Foreign exchange transactions
  • Complete Financial Emigration Applications
Can I surrender all my policies before I move abroad?

When moving abroad you do have the opportunity to surrender RAs and other policies that otherwise could not be accessed in full. In most instances you are required to complete administrative processes that can take a long time to complete. This might seriously impact your projected cash flow when relocating. Please request a free financial report so we can advise you on your options.

Will I lose my residency or citizenship if I complete a Financial Emigration?

No, this process constitutes a formal application to the SARB and does not influence your residency or citizenship at all.

Client testimonials

Thank-you to all who helped us officially migrate and transfer our policy funds from South Africa to Australia. Your professionalism and advice made the process much easier and stress free. I would recommend your services to anyone requiring financial advice and/or transferring of funds from South Africa. You guys rock!!

Dale Ric-Hansen

I thought I only had 1 policy but delighted when FinGlobal (previously cashkows) discovered another one! FinGlobal made the procedure effortless and dealt with it in a very professional manner. Thank you for helping me through the process!

Georgina Oliver-Hancock

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