FinGlobal can convert your South African retirement annuity to cash and make the funds available to you.

We’ve helped more than 34000 people in 80 countries.
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Complete our online enquiry form in seconds with your details.

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Get your free financial report with all the information.


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Review your report and have a one to one consultation with us.


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Receive a free quote if you want to transfer your funds.

Want to know how much money you can transfer abroad?

South Africans living abroad often struggle to manage their cross-border finances. There are several issues which hamper enquiries, amendments and facilitation of financial transactions.

Hazards to cross-border transacting

Among other things, emigrants have to deal with the differences in time zones and geographical displacement as well as disparities in legal and financial regulations between different jurisdictions.

Individuals are often forced to manage the different assets in their financial portfolios with numerous service providers and consultants – the result of which is a lengthy, convoluted and complicated process to tying up their finances back home and transferring proceeds offshore.

One-stop solutions for all your financial affairs

FinGlobal launched our business with the simple aim of simplifying this cross-border financial transacting for South Africans. Not only can we track an individual’s policies, annuities and accounts with all financial services providers in South Africa, but we can often trace policies individuals had not even been aware of.

Moreover, FinGlobal consolidates all this financial data into a simple financial assessment which provides our clients with an overview of their assets, possible surrender values and options for transferring funds abroad – free of charge.

In addition to this free financial report, clients receive a fixed quotation outlining the costs associated with individual asset surrender or the all-inclusive financial migration route.

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