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Want to know how much money you can transfer abroad?

South Africans living abroad often struggle to manage their cross-border finances. There are several issues that hamper enquiries, amendments and facilitation of financial transactions.

Among other things, emigrants have to deal with the differences in time zones and geographical displacement as well as disparities in legal and financial regulations between different jurisdictions.

Individuals are often forced to manage the different assets in their financial portfolios with numerous service providers and consultants – the result of which is a lengthy, convoluted and complicated process to tying up their finances back home and transferring proceeds offshore.

FinGlobal launched our business with the simple aim of simplifying this cross-border financial transacting for South Africans. Not only can we track an individual’s policies, annuities and accounts with all financial services providers in South Africa, but we can often trace policies individuals had not even been aware of.

Moreover, FinGlobal consolidates all this financial data into a simple financial assessment which provides our clients with an overview of their assets, possible surrender values and options for transferring funds abroad – free of charge.

In addition to this free financial report, clients receive a fixed quotation outlining the costs associated with individual asset surrender or the all-inclusive financial migration route.

No matter what you need to achieve, FinGlobal can assist with consolidating, unlocking and transferring your finances globally.

What our customers are saying

“Their service is extremely professional. Every step is explained to you in detail. I would recommend FinGlobal to anyone anywhere in the world. They will get your funds transferred out of South Africa without any problems. Once again to all the staff at FinGlobal, THANK YOU!”

Neville WilliamsAustralia

“All the people at FinGlobal I have dealt with have been very friendly and helpful. Even with the March 2021 changes to financial emigration and transfer of funds abroad, they adapted to the changes required, and achieved what was required. I would be happy to recommend them to friends and family.”

Eddie TuckerUnited Kingdom

“FinGlobal staff were absolutely wonderful from the beginning of the process, right through to the end! I cannot speak highly enough regarding the quality of service we received and would unreservedly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you very much for all your help!”

Bronwyn GoodburnCanada

“Amazing service during an especially trying year. All the ladies that assisted me were friendly, helpful, and fantastic. This service is expensive but if one has no plans to return to SA anytime sooner it does work out cheaper than a ticket home etc.”

Lisa BucherSerbia

Ryno, I received a mail from Verline last evening asking me to complete some details which I duly did, as per the previous correspondence you and I had. I have given her the okay to do the transfer to my best advantage. Again, thank you, Ryno, your company has done a great job for me and I do appreciate it. Much success in 2021!

Mike HagueUSA

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