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As a South African living abroad your international foreign exchange transacting ability is limited and subject to the Reserve Bank’s exchange control regulations.

FinGlobal is an independent financial services provider. We offer a fully integrated, in-house financial migration service that turns long distance difficult into convenient.

For your convenience we: facilitate early retirement annuity surrender before the regulated retirement age of 55; open local and offshore bank accounts; transact foreign exchange; address your SARS tax requirements; manage your PPS products and transfer your South African inheritance offshore.

Our service promises a transparent, interactive, quick and easy, financial migration experience. Since no two clients’ circumstances are the same – your solution will be personalised and efficient – designed to give you financial freedom.

To quantify in money terms, the value of your South African retirement and other investments, we’ll provide a free financial report and guide you in your decision-making.

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Financial emigration not only allows you to freely move your money when and where you please – it also makes you a Global Citizen of the World.

FinGlobal is an authorised licensed Financial Services Provider regulated by the South African Financial Services Board. FSP # 42872. Internationally Accredited PPS Advisor.



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